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Privacy Statement

Juhler Professionals operates alongside Temp-Team Finland Oy (Ltd). It is auxiliary business name for the agency and therefore shares same personnel, systems and data protection policy as Temp-Team Finland Oy.


Data Protection Policy

Temp-Team Finland Oy (Ltd) is a private employment agency which offers Recruiting, Staffing and Headhunting services. This data protection policy describes the policies related to processing and preserving personal information in Temp-Team Finland Oy.

Personal Data Act 523/1999
Act on the Protection of Privacy in Working Life 759/2004
Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council 2016/679 (GDPR)

Registration Authority

Temp-Team Finland Oy
Business ID: 1978563-7
Esterinportti 2 C
00240 Helsinki Finland
Tel. +358 20 741 4850

Contact Person in Data Protection Matters

Tom Åberg
tel. + 358 50 526 6276
email: tom.aberg@temp-team.fi

Name of the Register                                   

Register contains data regarding job applicants, the contact persons of employer communities and employees of Temp-Team Finland Oy.

The Data Protection Principles of the Registration Authority

Personal data is processed as it is necessary for our business activities. Processing personal data in different forms and for different uses is essential to enable us to carry out our core business functions. Therefore, it is important for us to ensure that personal data is processed with caution and sensitivity in our company. This document includes the principles of collecting, using and processing personal data in Temp-Team Finland Oy.

Intended Use of the Register

Personal data is collected and used to enable the business activities of Temp-Team Finland Oy and the business activities of the companies belonging to the same corporation. This involves bringing third parties together, such as job applicants and employers. Data collection also enables us to produce and develop services related to said business activities and it enables us to do marketing and to maintain client relationships. In addition, by processing personal information, Temp-Team Finland Oy maintains and handles its employees’ employment relationships. Personal data is gathered only in a way that is compatible with the purposes outlined above.

The Data Held in the Register
The register may deal with information related to e.g. the following groups in a way that is necessary for the use of the register.

Employer communities as our clients:

  • Basic information, such as the name of the community and contact details.
  • Name of the contact person and their contact details.
  • Information related to maintaining the client relationship, such as order information, information of meetings including possible memos, records etc., contract information, possible direct marketing permissions and bans, other communication between the parties and information about forwarding information that is essential for the maintenance of the client relationship.

Job applicants:

  • Basic information, such as name, contact details, gender, date of birth.
  • Special information to evaluate the applicant’s suitability for the job, such as education, profession, special skills and potential licences and certificates related to the position (such as driver’s license, Hot Work Licence etc.). In addition, within the legal framework, information regarding credit reports and security clearance reports, information regarding criminal records extract as well as information related to the applicant’s suitability assessment or information regarding potential drug tests.
  • Information related to the applicant’s previous or current employment, such as employers, the starting dates and durations of the employments and specifications on the assigned responsibilities.
  • Recommendations given by previous employers or information given by the referees appointed by the applicant.
  • Information related to the application process, such as wishes regarding the vacancy at question, desired salary, location of the vacancy and estimates regarding the time of starting and quitting the job.
  • Other information given by the applicants regarding their skills and experience that are relevant for the evaluation of the suitability of the applicant, such as memos from the job interview, potential restrictions related to working or information about hobbies, positions of responsibility etc.

Employees (This relates to the necessary information for maintaining the employment relationship, which is additional to the information mentioned above regarding job applicants):

  • Necessary information to draft a contract of employment, such as social security number or other legal identification documents (identity card, residence permit etc.)
  • Necessary information for the payment of salaries or other benefits, such as information about the work output, working hours, absences, grounds for salary or rewards, bank details etc.
  • Necessary information for the maintenance of occupational safety, such as information regarding the state of health of the employee and contact details of closest relatives.
  • Necessary information for the evaluation of work performance, such as customer feedback, work performance appraisals given by the employer communities, notions or warnings etc.
  • Necessary information to fulfil the rights and responsibilities of both parties relating to the employment relationship, such as memos from conversations between Temp-Team and the employee (e.g. performance appraisals) or from negotiations (e.g. salary negotiations).


Regular Information Sources

Regular information sources refer to the contact persons of the employer communities or the job applicants or employees themselves. Information is collected only in a way that is necessary to enable the business activities of Temp-Team Finland Oy. The contact details of the people responsible for the activities of employer communities can also be acquired from companies which offer data services, as well as from public authorities and public information sources such as brochures, fact sheets, ads, marketing materials etc. The necessary information regarding the applicant’s job search/work can also be acquired from authorities, previous or current employers or other sources with the consent of the applicant/employee. In addition, information can be acquired from data systems that are generally used to contribute to the applicant’s/employee’s job search/work.


The Preservation and Protection of Data

The data is collected and stored into databases that are protected and encrypted with firewalls, passwords and other technical means. The databases are located in locked and guarded spaces and the data can only be accessed by authorized personnel, each of whom has been given individually granted access rights. Information that has been certified as sensitive, such as information considering the state of health of the employees, is kept separate from other information.

For technical reasons, some data may be stored on the servers of third-party subcontractors of Temp-Team Finland Oy. From there the data can be processed, always in accordance with legislative obligations. Data will not be transferred outside of the European Union or the European Economic Area (EEA).

We run appropriate technical and organizational security measures to ensure the protection of personal data. We strive to update and test our information security technology constantly.

We limit access rights regarding personal data only to those employees of Temp-Team Finland Oy involved in the services we produce. We organize training for our employees on data management in order to protect the data. We take responsibility for our employees’ actions by taking the required measures if misconduct is detected.

The data is preserved for a predetermined time, after which it is deleted. The length of time depends upon the intended use of the information, in a way that serves the development of the business activities of Temp-Team Finland Oy. Personal data is not stored longer than is needed for each recruitment process and no longer than there are legitimate grounds for.


Disclosure of Data

Personal data regarding the employer communities, job applicants or employees will be disclosed to employer communities and job applicants or employees in a way that is necessary for the business activities of Temp-Team Finland Oy. This is based on a given consent in order to bring these parties together.

In addition, personal data will be disclosed, according to current legislation, to authorities or other parties that have a legal right to access said information. These parties include tax authorities, pension insurance companies and accident insurance companies. The data can also be disclosed to the service companies that work for the register holder and handle matters such as payment services, data processing and other actions comparable to these tasks.

Temp-Team Finland Oy will not disclose personal data saved in the register to third parties not mentioned above unless the permission of the registered person has been acquired separately.


The Right for Inspections and Corrections

The registered person has a right based on current legislation to inspect what data related to them has been saved into the personal data register. The request for inspection needs to be sent in writing and signed to the following address:

Temp-Team Finland Oy
Tom Åberg
Esterinportti 2 C
00240 Helsinki Finland

The request can also be submitted personally in the address mentioned above.

Additionally, the registered person has the right to get a copy of their personal data without charge. If the registered person requests these copies often, we are entitled to charge a reasonable compensation for the expenses of delivering these repetitive requests.  We need to be able to verify the registered person’s identity with confidence, e.g. with an ID-card, for them get access to their personal data.

The registered person has a right to demand that the register holder corrects, deletes or completes any personal data in the register that is incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete or outdated. If the registered person’s demand of these corrections is not accepted, the registered person will receive a written justification regarding the matter.


Supervisory Authority

The registered person has the right to raise a data protection concern for the supervisory authorities to handle. (Data Protection Ombudsman).

Updating the Data Protection Policies

Ensuring data protection is an important and long-standing responsibility of Temp-Team Finland Oy, which is why our systems are developed and updated regularly. By extension, we also update our data protection policies. We reserve the right to update our data protection policies without individual notice to the clients. Notifications will be sent, as it is required by the law, if our data protection policies have been modified fundamentally.